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Prince's Apex

from RE​:​KIWAMI by Guffy



The orchestral side of the fight scene.

I remember the inspiration for this one hit me like a flash of lightning, and I had to get it down before I would forget. The 9/8 signature with the empty third beat that leaves you feeling on the wrong foot and off balance; the dependence on percussion; the chromaticism; all leave you with this sense of dread and intimidation by the foe before you. Perfect.

The whole piece rides on the percussion, the deep hits, constantly pulsing and pushing the piece forwards. I was going to wait until I had enough funds to get the orchestral libraries I wanted, but I found I owned some orchestral percussion libraries already, even though they were more nondescript than I would have liked.

The quick, chromatic, and almost dissonant melody paired with that low bass note was vital to create that sense of unease. Chords were very important in this piece, unlike most of the work I do, specifically in the middle section. If anything, the middle section is the “hero” section, where the chords start to become a bit clear and become less dissonant. The chords are mostly placed in long horns and spiccato strings, with a horn melody popping in for the second half, and then being followed by a harpsichord. I picked a harpsichord for two reasons: it fits the enemy’s “noble” stature, and I just outright love harpsichords.

The song has three sections, but the third is mostly a mash between the first two. There’s nothing hugely spectacular about the section apart from hard harpsichord chords leading into the loop.


from RE​:​KIWAMI, released May 26, 2021




Guffy ACT, Australia

Just some Canberran dummy with a passion for soundtracks, games and composing!

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