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The Scratch, Point Blank

from RE​:​KIWAMI by Guffy



The electronic side of the cinematic scene.

This piece was rife with inspiration from the (admittedly few) songs I had heard done with synths. I genuinely have no idea if the genres I was drawing on truly sound like how I portrayed them. I tried to get ideas from 80’s synthwave mostly and, I don’t really know if I hit that mark. I am a fan of the gritty cyberpunk genre and this type of sound is what I think of when I think of it.

The start of the piece is a lot more soundscape than it is a ‘song’ if that makes sense, a lot more awash with pads than the next section. I made an effort to make things swell up to moments in this piece, since if I hadn’t and without sound effects, it would sort of just flow without being tied down.

The second section inside the building was heavily built on the idea of synthwave, without having heard too much of the genre. If you looked up a synthwave mix on YouTube and skipped around, you could get the feel with the throbbing basses and alternating kick/snare beat. A lot of this style was repetition, with occasional added instruments/bass note changes to keep things interesting. Again, I don’t have experience in this style, so I mostly winged it. I don’t think I accurately portrayed how the scene felt emotionally with this section unfortunately, but I think it sounds cool at the least.

The next section I took influence from a composer I look up to for a specific synth use. I’m almost certain it’s an idea used elsewhere, but using compression on synths to duck them under the hits and rise them back up afterwards is a technique I learnt from Masafumi Takada’s work on the Danganronpa series. This section captures a tension and rush with its higher, grating synths.

The next section, after I cut out all sound apart from the main synth, is where I started to draw back on earlier parts of the song. I returned the bass synths from the second section and the pad from the first to start tying it back together to the last section, where the first ‘melody’ plays chopped up until the song ends.


from RE​:​KIWAMI, released May 26, 2021




Guffy ACT, Australia

Just some Canberran dummy with a passion for soundtracks, games and composing!

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